Gamification is often talked about as something positive. It’s an effective method that long has been used by schools and corporations to increase motivation, productivity and the learning process. But what happens when you use gamification to control a society? The Chinese social credit system that is under development, is using the gamification method to shape their citizens and make them obedient(1). They do this by providing a summary credit for each Chinese citizen. Depending on which rank an individual receives they are deemed profitable or societal benefits are taken away. By being a more trustworthy citizen, your credit scores increases and if you are considered less trustworthy, your credit score will decrease. Already today we rank people on their social status by clicking on like buttons or a heart if we approve of something. The pressure to perform both in life and on social media has already been proven to be the cause of a growing anxiety and depression sickness among young people(2) and experts are recommending that people go offline in an attempt to feel better. But what will happen if being defined by numbers moves outside social media and like buttons and our entire lives depend on whether you are playing your cards right? Will we be playing the game together or will we stand alone?